Portage la Prairie Planning District Documents

Obtaining Single Family Residential Building Permits in the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie

The Building/Development permit application is subject to a minimum two (2) day waiting period while plans are being reviewed for approval.

No excavation or construction work will be undertaken until a permit has been issued.

Obtain permits from the Portage la Prairie Planning District.

Refer to the Portage la Prairie Planning District Fee Schedule.


  1. Legal description of property and proof of ownership.
  2. A site plan of the property indicating dimensions from building(s) to property lines and building to building if applicable. A current survey may be required.
  3. Finished grades to be followed at Delta as per Water Stewardship.
  4. A full set of plans for the proposed building, including a stamped engineer’s drawing of the foundation when required.
  5. Supply shop drawings for all engineered components. ie. roof & floor trusses, beams etc.
  6. Building/Development permit fee is based on total value of construction, including labour.
  7. Plumbing permits are required with a schematic of the plumbing.
  8. Approval from the Environment Department for the septic system to be provided. Contact 204-239-3608 for more information.
  9. Regional water hook up contact the Rural Municipality Office 204-857-3821.
  10. Department of Highways approval if building off of Provincial Road allowance. Contact General Office at 204-239-3292.
  11. New driveway access, contact councilor in your Ward. Contact Highways if applicable.
  12. Subdivision, if applicable, is processed through Provincial Community and Regional Planning. Contact 204-239-3347.
  13. Water Resources permit required if in reservoir area. Contact 1-204-250-5095.
  14. Electrical permits obtain from Manitoba Hydro.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

NOTE: This is an approximate list of items that may be required. 


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