Building By-law:
A by-law of a municipality to regulate and control new and existing construction.

Conditional Use:
A use of land or buildings that may be allowed under a zoning by-law.  An application process is required with a hearing set up with the applicable municipal council.  Council may consider imposing conditions on the proposed use in order to ensure that it will be acceptable at the proposed location in the zone and consistent with the development plan.  Conditions such as parking, landscaping, access, signage, outdoor storage or hours of operation may be imposed.

Development Plan:
The board of a planning district is responsible for preparing a development plan for the planning district.
A development plan is a statement of the board’s policies respecting future development.  It is the basic tool for land use planning which will guide land use controls in the zoning by-law and development related decisions of the board or council.  The development plan also guides other development processes such as the subdivision approval process.
A development plan helps to ensure compatibility of neighbouring land uses, effective management of natural resources, preservation of natural and heritage resources, the appropriate mix of development, cost-effective and timely delivery of infrastructure services, protection of surface and ground water and sustainable economic and community growth.

A request to alter the zoning by-law to deal with unusual or unique conditions of specific properties.  An application process is required with a hearing set up with the applicable municipal council.

Zoning By-law:
A by-law of a municipality, the zoning by-law enables a council to adopt specific regulations for the use and development of land.  It provides an essential mechanism for implementing the policies set out in the development plan.  The zoning by-law establishes zones along with criteria, use and site requirements.
The regulations and provisions established by the by-law are deemed necessary in order to:

  • implement the objectives and policies of the Development Plan,
  • define and limit the powers and duties of the Council and Development Officer,
  • regulate the following:
    a) all buildings and structures erected;
    b) all uses of buildings, structures and land established;
    c) all alterations, demolitions or relocations of existing buildings and structures;
    d) all enlargements of existing buildings, structures or uses; and
    e) all changes in the use or intensity of use of buildings, structures and land